Sunday, June 13, 2010

Richard Higgins works as a ghost hunter by night, continued...

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I found Richard on Facebook. The picture he has on his page is a photo take with Jay and Grant who are the founders of Ghost Hunters. I love watching their show on Dish Network and I thought it was pretty cool that Richard had interfaced with them at some point. His passion really interests me!

We went on our 1st ghost hunt a few weeks ago and I thought it was really cool. We had several teenagers with us and split into 2 teams. We were in a very large and old warehouse that had a lot of paranormal stories tied to it.

Just driving up late at night was spooky! We investigated for several hours and at times we even turned all of our flashlights off during recordings (EVPs). We heard several strange noises but we didn't really catch any evidence that was clear enough to prove a haunting. I do feel like the experience gifted me with a bit more strength and courage that I can take with me into my daytime life! It is really something to face an unknown in a pitch black unfamiliar environment.

I was proud of us for not "chickening out" and for pushing forward to check it out. Do you have any similar stories you want to share?

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