Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lisa Hein's passion is to mentor parents through her own life lessons, continued...

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Examiner article

Lisa called me after reading an article I wrote that was published in WE Magazine in Florida this past winter. She made contact to interview me on her Parenting radio show to discuss "Adult Orphans" as she had coined it. I'm pre-recording with her on June 14 and the show will be airing in July. I'll post the link prior to and after the show airs.

It didn't take me long to realize that Lisa is truly a very interesting person who is on a mission to help young parents. Her efforts are genuine and they are very much needed in today's parenting world. Most of us really do not realize the consequences of spoiling our children until it is too late. She has a lot of work ahead of her but if each of us can embrace her message and pass it forward it we might be able to save our future after all!

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