Friday, June 25, 2010

Denial is a refusal to acknowledge, continued...

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Denial is a pretty powerful hindrance found in most of our everyday lives. If you are human, you have embraced this concept at some point. Hopefully, as you've matured into an adult, you were able to recognize it more quickly and put it in its place before it caused too much havoc in your world.

For me, it is very difficult to play a side-line role to this when a friend is actively numbing out reality. I'm someone who really doesn't hold back, and as you can imagine, this can be both good and bad. I'm somewhat polished and tactful so I try to make sure timing is in my favor when confronting a loved one with subtle education of reality. I'm sure I've lost friends in the past but, I'm also sure, they weren't true friends if we didn't have a relationship that was based on honesty. I believe core, sincere friendship can endure any trial and tribulation. And, I appreciate commentary from others about my life, when it comes from a loving place.

Today, I'm feeling better than ever with the blessings I have manifested in my life and I believe I'm on the right track. I just take baby steps, deep breaths and continue to push forward embracing reality. I took my glasses off in 2008 and it really is a beautiful and fulfilling picture outside of them.

Are you facing the truths of your life? Can you share them with me?

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