Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Food, soothing but poisonous, continued...

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My waist-line has increased with each tragedy in my life. I can look into the mirror and see more shape than ever from the trials and tribulations I have endured.

For example, I gave up sugar for my New Year’s resolution this year. I made it for almost 5 months but when I lost my cat, I decided if I'm able to find any satisfaction by binging into goodies, well then so be it; I deserve the pick me up!

In the aftermath of more than 2 weeks of junk food, my diversion only caused me more heart-ache and sadness! The good news is I’m no longer the queen of denial and I’m hopeful this will open a healthier and more caring future for me.

Do you love the person you see in the mirror? If so, can you share your secret?

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