Thursday, April 29, 2010

Suffering loss, continued...

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It was hard for me to create an inspirational article today considering I watched my baby, Scruples, take his last breath yesterday morning. This little four-legged blessing was a pillar in my world for twenty years. He supported me through so much hardship. He helped me endure a divorce, betrayal, lost loved ones, job loss, health issues and I could go on and on! All he expected was unconditional love and tasty food in return. I am so grateful for my years with him and the void in my heart feels like it will last an eternity.

He was my little angel dressed in character of a cat and I miss him horribly. I'm not sure where I'm at in the stages of grief or how long it will take me to feel well again but I'm sure that I'm in the trenches of sorrow and it really hurts!

I'm hopeful my logical mind will over power my heart and allow me to find happiness in his memory in my near future but only time will tell. Are you suffering a loss? If so, what has helped you to move forward? Are you stuck, share your story with me.

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