Friday, April 2, 2010

Healing through music, continued...

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It amazes me how many songs seemed to get me through times of sorrow in my life. Lots of tears erupted through my teen years from mushy tunes that seemed to cut into my heart after, at the time, I though was lost love. I used to think Brian Adams wrote, Summer of 69, for me since I was born in July the year 1969. Perhaps I had a big head but this song seemed to pump me up with crazy energy like no other! After my Dad passed, Footprints in the Sand by Leona Lewis, helped me grieve his loss.

While my Dad was in the VA hospice they actually had a harpist come into his room and play for him. I missed this event but I was elated when my sister described him perking up and becoming very present while the music played.

I’m horrible about remembering names of bands and singers although I can still recall the words to many songs that were critical to my livelihood. What songs helped you along the way, can you share any stories?

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