Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Find the sunset in your hardship, continued...

Find the sunset in your hardship

This blog post starts by sharing what happened the day in paradise that caused suffering and then reflection resulting in the creation of the article post:

I am grateful that I was able to get away with my family this week; we are in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It is a peninsula where the sunset is in your face whether you like it or not! I can't imagine not wanting to see the sunrise or sunset or feel the warmth it gifts but I do realize there are moments in life that are so painful, they take our breath away, and even in paradise, this can block us from taking in this heavenly painting. I have started to realize there is a common thread in both beauty and ugly; they both can exist within the very same realm, light and dark, which is what I wrote about my article.

This week I am suffering from major allergy and sinus problems. Each morning the vehicle is covered with pollen as I'm sure my lungs look the same which explains the tightness and my aching head! I'm sure you are really finding sympathy for me:)

Yesterday, we took a couple mile walk on the beach where I met a couple sunning with their 3 dogs. We stood and got to know these wonderful furry friends; I took a liking to the largest fur-ball. He was whitish-tan and stood almost waist high. He was a gentle giant and he tugged at my heart. As we walked away and we were about 50 feet from them, a truck speeding down the beach hit my new friend and killed him. I could hear the woman screaming and sobbing. It took my breath away, ripped my heart out and stole my appreciation of the day, the week and my paradise at that time.

I wondered why I had to be the last person that looked into his happy, warm, eyes and pet his welcoming body just moments before his life would be over. But, I really think that, regardless if you are in paradise or not, death is truly part of life. He was a beautiful animal and I'm sure he was loved in his life. I was gifted with a few precious moments of his being and I will always remember this gentle giant! He touched my soul and I think I'll meet him again someday as his life has made a real impression on mine. Have you found any sunsets in your sorrow? Can you share them with me?

Finding the sunset in your hardship is another way of sharing the need to find your silver-lining.  When you brave looking directly at the face of tragedy and pushing yourself through what seems like your worst fear, you will discover, in the aftermath, an underlying gift.

It is hard to believe that sorrow, loss or upheaval can offer anything but heartache but it is true.  There is a common message that comes from survivors, those with clarity who have been able to find their sunset.  Most find themselves with new priorities and realize the importance of embracing their loved ones as a priority of first in their lives.  They√≠ve learned not to sweat the little stuff and many reach out to others in an attempt to give back and share the lessons they have learned from their hardship.  More compassionate and grateful, they march forward with a renewed purpose.  

Are you wondering where the sunset fits into all of this?   This celestial gift painted in the heavens each day offers tranquil moments to those who are willing to take the time to observe it; although, this gift is a bit deceiving.  According to the Absolute Astronomy website, the intense red and orange colors seen across the sky during sunrise and sunset are mostly caused by scattered sunlight through dust particles, soot and other aerosols in the Earth's atmosphere.  It is amazing that such profound beauty is really derived from harmful pollutants in the air.  

Much like the trials and tribulations of life, it is important to realize the beauty gifted from its origin.  When is the last time you took a few minutes out of your schedule to watch the sunset?  Next time you appreciate this picturesque view, consider these trials and tribulations and look inward to find your own sunset; search for this celestial gift!

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