Thursday, April 29, 2010

Suffering loss, continued...

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It was hard for me to create an inspirational article today considering I watched my baby, Scruples, take his last breath yesterday morning. This little four-legged blessing was a pillar in my world for twenty years. He supported me through so much hardship. He helped me endure a divorce, betrayal, lost loved ones, job loss, health issues and I could go on and on! All he expected was unconditional love and tasty food in return. I am so grateful for my years with him and the void in my heart feels like it will last an eternity.

He was my little angel dressed in character of a cat and I miss him horribly. I'm not sure where I'm at in the stages of grief or how long it will take me to feel well again but I'm sure that I'm in the trenches of sorrow and it really hurts!

I'm hopeful my logical mind will over power my heart and allow me to find happiness in his memory in my near future but only time will tell. Are you suffering a loss? If so, what has helped you to move forward? Are you stuck, share your story with me.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

An ordained minister embracing hypnotherapy and shamanic healing, continued...

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I met Penny Randall through social networking (on Facebook). We both belong to the support group, Grief,Loss & Recovery which is a great forum for those suffering the loss of a loved one. I am intrigued with Penny's gift of healing. I do believe in this type of healing. I really didn't understand the underlying meanings of the rituals but I did believe in the outcome. I knew of this through my readings about the Indian communities and their belief in Shamanic healing. Penny explained this has been embraced in cultures going back before Christ and it is starting to spread again today through our communities.

If you are having trouble moving forward in life, this is a worthwhile investment. There isn't anything more valuable than your own well being! Can you share any other healing paths that have been helpful for you? Drop me a note, I love to explore and share healing options!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Alternative medicine from within, continued…

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I believe God has given us all basic survival tools and we're able to access them as long as we can quiet ourselves and slow ourselves down long enough to grasp onto them. We all have the answers to our own questions within our cores.

Meditation helps me to shut down my actively spinning mind long enough to gain insight and peace enabling me to continue to feel healthy and to heal my emotional wounds. I have a lot of scars but I'm feeling pretty good about the work I've put forth in regards to myself!

Harm is part of everyday life and you really can't eliminate if from your journey. You can though control how you react to it. Do not empower it by enabling it to destory yourself instead allow it to leave as quickly as it arrived. How do you feel about your emotional health today?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dance your troubles away, continued...

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I used to dance a lot when I was younger and more carefree but as I grow older I seem more reluctant to let loose on the dance floor. This is something I will be working on in the upcoming years because I miss the fun such craziness used to gift to me:)

I am by no means considered a good dancer, sure I've got some moves but they are unique! When I say unique, I mean they are not intentional! I would love to flow gracefully or create a choreographed number that makes people look twice and not make fun of me but it just isn't in my jeans and I'm really okay with this. If you're looking twice, at least I was brave enough to get out there! Are you a good dancer?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

United States Navy, teamwork and commitment, continued...

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My youngest son, who is 13 years old, is talking about wanting to enlist. I have to admit, it makes my stomach hurt to think about it. I am proud of him and, of course, I'll support any career decision he makes but I'm hoping he'll change his mind before it is time to enlist. I believe our soldiers give the ultimate sacrifice and I know I'm being selfish by hoping he changes his mind; I don't want to think of the increased danger he'll be susceptible to by going into the military!

It does help to listen to Jim talk about his time in the Navy. He lights up and you can tell it was a true love for him. I'm sure there are millions of occupations within the military that are not in the field of combat, I've just got to pray my son finds and fulfills his life purpose regardless of my anxiety attached to it!

God bless all of our soldiers and their families! Leave me a note if you have any feed back!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Patriotism, what does it really mean to you, continued...

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When I walk through the VA hospital and look at each and every person there who are getting treatment, I wonder about their military story. I am in awe of their bravery and their loyalty to our country. It is remarkable to me how these patriotic people are able to go on with such grave injuries. And, many go back into the military as soon as they recover!

I was elated to discover the Any Soldier website. This retired soldier was extremely devoted, caring and creative to develop a distribution that focuses efforts to provide packages to soldiers who do not receive them. I pledge I will be forwarding goods addressed to "any soldier" in my very near future. I urge you to do the same and when you do, write me and let me know what you sent!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cheating doesn't benefit anyone, continued...

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Okay, I have no tolerance for an adult who cheats. If you are cheating, GROW UP and consider the harm you are promoting!!! If you're unhappy in your relationship, END IT! It is the right thing to do.

For most of my career I was hit on by married men. I gave them all the same response, "Take the attention you're giving me and go home and focus it towards your wife where it belongs."

I have very little faith in both men and women considering I've known both who have actively cheated. I'm not protesting to be perfect as I too, in my teen years, didn't take commitment seriously but I did grow up. I respect the person I'm devoted to and I respect myself enough to maintain my commitment. What are your thoughts about this topic? Who is more unfaithful, men or women?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Offering the elderly compassionate care both emotionally and physically, continued...

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Teina LaBean is my Sister-in-law. She is a wonderful and hard working individual who has a lot of love in her heart. It was so apparent, when we had my Dad in hospice, which people on staff actually loved what they were doing. You could feel it in their work. They didn't just see him as another patient but they learned his name and spent time with us answering questions and offering compassionate care to everyone. I'm glad Teina is in this type of career and that she is able to sooth others who are suffering such pain and loss. She is a true angel!

Who are the angels you recognize in the senior community? Can you share any with me?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Aging, continued...

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I turned forty last summer and I honestly feel like I've finally come to a place in my life where I'm comfortable. My friends thought I would struggle with this number but it really doesn't mean anything to me accept that I've reached a place mentally that I like.

Physically, I'm working to overcome the slower metabolism and more flabby waist line but it certainly isn't the end of the world. I've got to continue to be more active, make sure I'm eating healthy and make sure I'm feeding my spirit with meaning and purpose through my actions.

Regardless of your age, I hope you love your life and, if not, you can harness the energy to make the necessary changes to find happiness!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Find the sunset in your hardship, continued...

Find the sunset in your hardship

This blog post starts by sharing what happened the day in paradise that caused suffering and then reflection resulting in the creation of the article post:

I am grateful that I was able to get away with my family this week; we are in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It is a peninsula where the sunset is in your face whether you like it or not! I can't imagine not wanting to see the sunrise or sunset or feel the warmth it gifts but I do realize there are moments in life that are so painful, they take our breath away, and even in paradise, this can block us from taking in this heavenly painting. I have started to realize there is a common thread in both beauty and ugly; they both can exist within the very same realm, light and dark, which is what I wrote about my article.

This week I am suffering from major allergy and sinus problems. Each morning the vehicle is covered with pollen as I'm sure my lungs look the same which explains the tightness and my aching head! I'm sure you are really finding sympathy for me:)

Yesterday, we took a couple mile walk on the beach where I met a couple sunning with their 3 dogs. We stood and got to know these wonderful furry friends; I took a liking to the largest fur-ball. He was whitish-tan and stood almost waist high. He was a gentle giant and he tugged at my heart. As we walked away and we were about 50 feet from them, a truck speeding down the beach hit my new friend and killed him. I could hear the woman screaming and sobbing. It took my breath away, ripped my heart out and stole my appreciation of the day, the week and my paradise at that time.

I wondered why I had to be the last person that looked into his happy, warm, eyes and pet his welcoming body just moments before his life would be over. But, I really think that, regardless if you are in paradise or not, death is truly part of life. He was a beautiful animal and I'm sure he was loved in his life. I was gifted with a few precious moments of his being and I will always remember this gentle giant! He touched my soul and I think I'll meet him again someday as his life has made a real impression on mine. Have you found any sunsets in your sorrow? Can you share them with me?

Finding the sunset in your hardship is another way of sharing the need to find your silver-lining.  When you brave looking directly at the face of tragedy and pushing yourself through what seems like your worst fear, you will discover, in the aftermath, an underlying gift.

It is hard to believe that sorrow, loss or upheaval can offer anything but heartache but it is true.  There is a common message that comes from survivors, those with clarity who have been able to find their sunset.  Most find themselves with new priorities and realize the importance of embracing their loved ones as a priority of first in their lives.  TheyĆ­ve learned not to sweat the little stuff and many reach out to others in an attempt to give back and share the lessons they have learned from their hardship.  More compassionate and grateful, they march forward with a renewed purpose.  

Are you wondering where the sunset fits into all of this?   This celestial gift painted in the heavens each day offers tranquil moments to those who are willing to take the time to observe it; although, this gift is a bit deceiving.  According to the Absolute Astronomy website, the intense red and orange colors seen across the sky during sunrise and sunset are mostly caused by scattered sunlight through dust particles, soot and other aerosols in the Earth's atmosphere.  It is amazing that such profound beauty is really derived from harmful pollutants in the air.  

Much like the trials and tribulations of life, it is important to realize the beauty gifted from its origin.  When is the last time you took a few minutes out of your schedule to watch the sunset?  Next time you appreciate this picturesque view, consider these trials and tribulations and look inward to find your own sunset; search for this celestial gift!

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Beginning my journey through the storm or grief on Easter Sunday continued...

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I met Judy through a Facebook Bereavement Group, The Grief, Loss & Recovery group . This is a forum for support to anyone who has suffered loss. As I interfaced with Judy I quickly realized what a remarkable woman she is and how she was able to embrace life again through her faith in the Lord and the creative outlet she found through music.

I believe everyone will probably question their faith at some point in their life. Judy's story reinforced my belief in the power of having Jesus Christ in your life. She was able to lean on this relationship and actually strengthen it during such times of sorrow. Her story is extremely empowering to me! What is your relationship like with the Lord?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Healing through music, continued...

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It amazes me how many songs seemed to get me through times of sorrow in my life. Lots of tears erupted through my teen years from mushy tunes that seemed to cut into my heart after, at the time, I though was lost love. I used to think Brian Adams wrote, Summer of 69, for me since I was born in July the year 1969. Perhaps I had a big head but this song seemed to pump me up with crazy energy like no other! After my Dad passed, Footprints in the Sand by Leona Lewis, helped me grieve his loss.

While my Dad was in the VA hospice they actually had a harpist come into his room and play for him. I missed this event but I was elated when my sister described him perking up and becoming very present while the music played.

I’m horrible about remembering names of bands and singers although I can still recall the words to many songs that were critical to my livelihood. What songs helped you along the way, can you share any stories?