Sunday, March 14, 2010

She shared memories of her own daughter, continued...

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Naomi Cole is my brother's mother in law and a family friend. They moved into our neighborhood when we were growing up. She is a remarkable and loving person. I can't even imagine losing a child, as she said, "A parent shouldn't have to lose a child!" It's clear she embraced change and the spirit of survival which gifted her with strength and motivation to move on.

Her advice to others going through this life-altering loss, "Focus on something that will make it better for your family here, take it day by day; it helps you get through the sorrow. It makes you feel better to know your trying to help someone else. It doesn’t happen over night!"

Today, I'm grateful for the friendship she has with my mom. They are both bereaving the loss of their husbands and can better understand each other's sadness. Everyone needs loved ones and friends to help get through times of sorrow. If you don't have someone in your immediate physical life, you can find help in our virtual communities on line also, have you found your support?

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