Sunday, March 28, 2010

She is grateful for his final years spent at home in hospice care, continued...

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This is the first "part two" article that I have offered to my readers. I feel Naomi's story is quite worthy of it! There is so much more to share about her strength and courage its hard to limit the words to just 2 articles. For example, when she was in treatment for breast cancer, Naomi drove herself to 38 radiation treatments and then went to work after each one! How often have you heard of someone doing that? (I discussed her breast cancer in the first article I posted) She is a hard working, warm and loving person with whom I'm very lucky to know and to have in my family circle. We can all take something from her story if we take a moment to take in the words. I've learned from both her and my Mom how forgiving and loyal they were in devoting their lives and honoring their commitments to the men they loved and married; until death do they part really meant something to them! I admire this type of loyalty. It is rare today. What do you admire?

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