Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Resistance feeds your inner demons, continued...

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My voice in my head is really horrible at times. If I listened to it, I would probably stay in the house and hide from life. I'm finding as I'm moving forward in the community with my writings and art, I have to step in the forefront a bit more which causes me to have to speak in front of others. When I worked as a manager I didn't have any problem talking in front of any group but when it comes to my artwork and writings, it is so personal to me, I FREAK out and my inner voice starts creating a mess within. I'm forcing myself through it but it does feel very painful. I'm sure eventually (if it doesn't kill me) I'll get comfortable as I do it more and more but for now, I'm really stressed about it! Are you comfortable in front of a group? If so, can you offer any advice to those of us who struggle?

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