Friday, March 19, 2010

Patience, part of a life plan, lessons learned or just plain annoyance, continued...

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Wow, patience, what a concept, huh? I don't want to sound like I'm sitting on my perch looking down at everyone but I would GUESS that most people do not try to practice this virtue. I have not done any scientific research to support this statement but, boy, it seems like we're in a very impatient world! Most people are in such a hurry, what happened to breathing deep and just taking in the moment? If we could all just consider this from time to time it would be helpful to the world. I, for the most part, try to practice this concept. I do get irritated at times and perhaps this is part of the plan giving me the platform to continue to practice. Most of the time I give in and tell myself, "It just wasn't meant for me to get there at that time!" Most of those days, I seem to attract the slowest drivers in the state to my path.

Once when my boyfriend was caught up in a rage from delays, we we're sitting in our car in front of a store and just as he was trying to move forward, this very little, old man came creeping out in front of us and took several minutes to get across the path. It was like a Saturday night live skit. We, of course, started laughing because it was so comical it broke the tension for him! Do you have any stories of delay that ended on a positive note?

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