Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Keeping the faith, continued...

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Examiner article

This article is near and dear to my heart. With each subject I choose to write about in my column, I research the topic after my written draft is complete. This helps either validate my article or I might choose to revise it and site particular sources or even link to it so others can benefit from the extra information. I learn from every post! And, each helps me to stay on track within my own life. I'm hopeful you are getting some sort of inspiration from my writings (both the column and my book) to help you continue forward.

It is really trying to go from a role leading a department of type A personalities, receiving a high level and very concrete payroll check, multitasking business challenges 24/7 and receiving instant feedback, to this new world I have embraced. Talking to you in this virtual forum, wondering if anything I've posted is helpful to anyone and trying to keep my faith considering my instinct is moving me forward towards something bigger than me that I haven't quite put my mind around yet. I know time will eventually let me in on this grand plan but meanwhile I'm trying to "keep my faith". What challenges your faith today and what has helped you to keep moving forward with it intact?

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