Friday, March 5, 2010

Are you afraid of dying... continued

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Examiner article

You might wonder how this article fits into my inspirational line up but I feel that it is appropriate. Any time we hold onto a fear and we're unable to discuss it openly, it eats away at you and your health; both physically and mentally. I'm not telling you that you have to run out and spend thousands of dollars on funeral preparation although if you have the money and you're able to, it makes it much easier for those you're leaving behind. I do not have my funeral planned and paid for but I am slowly researching the topic and I'm taking an interest into the local funeral homes within my reach. I do have life insurance which is a BIG 1st step. I do not want my children and other family members to have to stress over burial costs when my time has come! I urge you to look into this if you don't have insurance and if you can afford it. Funeral arrangement has made it on my list of "to do's" which I aggressively tackle on a monthly basis, has it made it on yours?

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