Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Time devoted to rest, travel or recreation, continued...

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As a child I grew up poor (I've mentioned this before) and therefore the only trip I remember was one when I was in about 4th grade and we ventured Up North in Michigan a few hours away, to stay a couple of nights with a Great Uncle and his wife. It was one of the highlights of my childhood. Nothing exotic, in fact, it was quite the opposite but it might as well been as it touched me sincerely. We enjoyed a visit to the House of Flavors ice cream shop where we were able to "win" a pin which said, "I was a pig at the House of Flavors" when we finished our, very large, Sundays that were served in a pig trough! I, of course, had to have help from the table to be able to get the pin, but the experience was priceless. This memento, along with a knitted doll from a great cousin, was my souvenirs from the trip. We didn't have the money to venture out shopping but it didn't matter. I still have the knitted doll today! The message here is to step out of your world for a short time and do not let your financial status or busy schedule get in your way and keep you from creating memories that last a lifetime. Where will you go?

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