Sunday, February 28, 2010

Surviving Unemployment, continued...

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Examiner article

Mary Anne Britton is a dear friend of mine who I met when I hired her through a temp agency. It breaks my heart to see her struggle in this crazy market. I'm hopeful she will land a great position in the very near future. It is somewhat understandable when you know someone who doesn't put forth real effort and/or milks the system but when circumstances are polar opposites, it doesn't make sense why an employer hasn't stepped up!

Mary Anne offered advice to others who have recently lost their jobs, " First look at all your options; get your financial house in order – if possible pay down bills; as far as purchases learn that even if it was on your “want list” ask yourself if it is on your “need list”. Learn to live much simpler; I have a crock pot that I use to make soups etc so I have learned to live more inexpensively with less food additives. Dial down the temperature and put on a sweatshirt and sign up for all the classes at Michigan Works!

I have faith in our Detroit business' knowing someone will read the article and approach Mary Anne with a purchasing opportunity of a life time! Can you help?

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