Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feel love in your heart, continued...

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I once read you are most creative or inspired just as you awake in the morning. You know, it is the time between your sleeping self and that big stretch and wide eyed self. After I stumbled on this tid-bit of information, I embraced the concept. As I roll over and wake from my deep sleep each morning, I think of and honor my feelings of gratitude, wishful thinking and prayer for inspiration which helps me to push forward in a positive manner. Call me crazy but I believe it has helped me. Sure, I still have bad events or moments in my life but they seem to come fewer and farther in between. I used to pray at night before I fell to sleep dozing off with good intention. Now I'm not only ending my days with good thoughts but I'm also embracing positivity in my early waking moments, setting the stage for a great day. I still have a choice and control how the day will shape itself but, for sure, I'm starting off in the right place; with love in my heart! Try it and let me know if it helps you also.

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