Friday, February 19, 2010

Does your life feel out of control, continued...

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Yesterday when I was interviewed on the Healing a Grieving Heart radio show, I was asked if I found anything in common between the loss I have suffered; loss of my marriage, job, my father and so on. It made me realize the common factor, in all cases, was really out of my control. You might think you can make your marriage work, but you can only control your part, not your partners. You might think you can control your career but sometimes there are circumstances beyond your hard work effort that causes your departure and we all know life isn't everlasting but emotionally, you feel like your parents will always be there for you. In all cases I felt like my world, at least as I knew it, was shattered and this was true. I had to brave through the change and transform myself into a person who is divorced, who is unemployed and who is without a father here on earth. I survived it all and I will continue to survive the next phase of change. I may not like everything that comes my way but I can count on my strength to make the best of it and find the silver-lining as I move forward. How has your loss gifted you?

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  1. I wish you happiness and success with your business and life.