Sunday, February 7, 2010

A bereavement story of both sadness and triumph, continued...

Click the below link to my Examiner article, Ed's interview, for background information to this blog entry:

Examiner article

I am working with Ed Gray on a community project bringing Rev. Penny Jones' vision "The HeARTworks Project" to life. Both Ed & I have a similar story in that we both have discovered the therapeutic benefits of writing. He has been through a lot and instead of hiding under the covers and shutting down his life, he uses his story to help others. In Ed's book, The Essence of Grieving, he discusses the first date he went on "and his feelings of cheating" although his wife had passed; it is really interesting. He has a girlfriend today who is a widow which Ed appreciates. They can both understand each other's pain. I'm sure, his wife, is so happy his heart is singing again instead of aching. I wish everyone could find as Cher put it, "Life after Love." I'm grateful for my new friendship with Ed. Pick up a copy of his book, especially if you are a hopeless romantic, it will tug at the strings of your heart!

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