Thursday, January 14, 2010

What inspires you to be a better person, continued...

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Examiner article

I think for me, all of the reasons I listed in the Examiner article inspires me daily. I rebelled as a teenager and I'm not real proud of some of my immature actions (wrongs I'm trying to make right), I live to be a better person to mentor my children by my actions (not necessarily my words although words count also), my religious convictions and my upbringing also play a large part in my psyche. All of these reasons are packaged into my daily motivation to reach out and help people which in turn helps me! My goal for my healing arts business is to touch as many people as possible to help comfort and sooth them during their hardship. I'm excited to bring this venture full circle and feel its success. My success will not be benched monetarily but by those whom I have helped. How will you measure the success of your dreams? Are you genuine in your efforts?

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