Monday, January 11, 2010

Surviving an epileptic brain tumor, continued...

Click the below link to my Examiner article, Ashley's interview, for background information to this blog entry:

Examiner article

My niece, Ashley LaBean, is a force of energy that, thankfully, can explore and devote her efforts to whatever she chooses throughout her adulthood.
She is grateful for her life today after all that she and my brother's family has been through. I'm regretful that I wasn't as close to their family to have offered more support during their time of need. I offered prayer but not much physical help. My life, at that time, was consumed with the duties of a single Mother & a job that took my time and energy 24/7. Today, I realize, and it is apparent in Ashley's interview and through all of the other survivor articles, success in everything comes back to the strength from family! How is the relationship with your family?

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