Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Color choices compliment your journey, continued...

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Examiner article

As an artist I absolutely appreciate color in my life. I'm someone who loves nature and the beautiful color palette it offers. Most of my clothes fall into warm and soft color schemes because they seem to compliment me the best. If you come into my home, you'll get an "artsy" feel. Not in a modern way but more in appreciation of all of the color tones reflecting different moods in each room. My main bath portrays the mood of a spa, pale purple and chocolate brown accented with beige tile. My bedroom is a soft mint green capped by a chocolate colored ceiling and accented in taupe. These are the rooms I consider to be my escape and retreat into a safe sanctuary. For a rush of excitement, I stroll into my dining room which is colored with leathery looking rich burgundy which sets off the dark stained oak crown molding and floor. My kitchen offers a venue of creativity with pale orange revealed through a velvet beige texture capped by a white ceiling swirled with pearl colored glaze. I have the universe depicted in my youngest son's room and a collage of our favorite sports team, the Red wings in my oldest son's bedroom. I have fully embraced color in my life and I'm really aware of how it impacts us. Life would be dreary in black and white and so, I'm so grateful for my choices!

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