Thursday, January 28, 2010

Are you a giver or taker, continued...

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Examiner article

As I said in the article, the perfect balance is a mix between Give and Take. You don't want to disable someones growth by continually giving (of course we're not talking about children but adults) and you shouldn't take advantage of someone by continually taking. Where is the pride in these individuals? My focus in life is to reach out and give when and where I can. I love the feelings I get when I'm able to help someone. I grew up in a poor household and this instilled a drive in me to do better, an appreciation for even the smallest things and a connection with those struggling to just try to make ends meet. My reach fills a well in me that goes back to my childhood. I love being a giver but, at the same time, I'm pretty good at recognizing a "career taker" and therefore I'm careful to not encourage these types of individuals. They need an awakening through some honest and maybe a bit harsh (in your face) type of motivation!

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