Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Incarcerated again on New Years Eve, continued...

Click the below link to my Examiner article, Mike's interview, for background information to this blog entry:

Examiner article

This was a tough interview for me, it is hard to imagine finding a healthy side to alcoholism. It has been part of my environment as a child and into my adult life. Both my father and my ex-husband fought these demons. I lived the devastation of it, watched the denial and felt its pain. It was a demon I wasn't able to conquer for them and, Mike A. is right, you have to have the desire to get help and no one can do this for you. It is hard to cope under such unhealthy conditions but I survived and I learned that I could control the impact it had on me and on my children. I prayed a lot and, in time, we rose out of the circumstantial ashes!

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