Thursday, November 19, 2009

Priceless Self Worth Article continued...

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Examiner article

As a Mother I really believe my boys learn more from my actions or non-verbal approaches as apposed to learning from my words (which is good more times than not)! I've always tried to be fair with them and, if I mess up, I've learned to recognize it and apologize just as I would expect them to do for me when the tables are turned. Through the good times and bad, I've somehow been able to hold my head high and keep my ethics in check knowing these young pupils of life we're absorbing all of my reactions along the way. One of my biggest fears has been the disabling thought of either of them not possessing healthy self-worth. I'm really proud of both of them and I'm so grateful they've found their way and, in their young teen lives, they are both exuding priceless self-worth. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and I'm praying a lot along the way that we stay on course, taking it and enjoying one day at a time!

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