Sunday, November 8, 2009

Living a Life Imprisoned by Dementia

Click the below link to my Examiner article, Patty's interview, for background information to this blog entry:

Examiner article

I was touched when my friend Jude suggested I meet Patty to learn and share some of her insights. She is such an extraordinary woman; I struggled with the Examiner's 200 - 400 word limit for this article. I could have written so much more. Patty was her Mothers main support during her struggle with Dementia. She had forgotten she served this role; her eyes welled up when Jude reminded her. Patty is a very sensitive, loving, intelligent person who lives to laugh. She told me her job now was to help make other people happy when they're feeling sad. Patty couldn't remember if she had gone to church in her previous adult life but she was sure she had lived her life genuinely helping others whenever possible. This is apparent when I learned of her family support. Her ex-husband, John (Jude's brother), welcomed her into his home and took care of her for 3 years (15 years after their divorce) and he continues to actively participates as a loving caregiver. She lives with her son, Jesse, and his wife, Molly in their home and her daughter, Olivia, is also a strong support for her. Jude, along with others in Patty's circle of love contributes much loving care by sharing precious time with her built into Patty's weekly schedule. Jude kissed Patty’s forehead several times during the interview when her emotions surfaced as she shared her story. Patty told me there was a time when she thought she didn't have any people but she knew now that she was wrong. She communicated she had a lot of thanking to do. I replied by reminding her that the people, in her life today, are a testament of the love she shared and I'm sure they are thanked everyday when they see her smile and hear her laugh! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to meet Patty Wilson!

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