Saturday, October 24, 2009

Grounding Your Anxiety with Nature

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Examiner article

My 1st article posted Friday on the Follow the side link to read and then continue to read below to see how I used nature this week to help melt away my anxiety!

This past week I've started driving with my son, Jeremy. He is 14 yrs. 9 months and he just received his phase 1 driving permit. I'm really thankful this is taking place in the Fall. I am extremely anxious getting into the vehicle with him! He is really doing great but his inexperience scares me. He ran out to my vehicle with permit in hand, the 1st day it was legal, asking, "Can I drive us home from Driver's Ed today, Mom?" I tried to swallow the lump in my throat, pulled to the side and slowly moved to the passenger seat. My uneasiness soon started to dissipate as we drove through the Michigan Fall colored landscapes. It wasn't long before he was pulling into our driveway safe and sound! I was physically present with him but I certainly appreciated the beauty surrounding us and I was able to pacify myself using it as a security blanket!

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